How Often Should I See My Doctor?

When and how often you should see your doctor depends on a variety of things. The factors are your age, your personal health history, certain risk factors, and your family health history.

Why Should I Visit My Omaha Doctor?

As children, we see our pediatricians often for newborn and child wellness checkups. This is to help ensure we are developing appropriately, getting all of our vaccinations, and being screened for many common diseases.

As adults, we need periodic visits with our Omaha doctor in the same way. Periodic visits to our family physician help us prevent serious illnesses from occurring, start treatment prior to serious complications, and catch diseases – such as cancer – in early stages. Wellness and prevention is an important aspect of your health to help you live the best life possible.

How Often Should I See My Doctor?

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPTF) recommends having a physical done by a primary care physician every 1-2 years in otherwise healthy adults, aged 18-49. The doctor’s appointment should include screening for hypertension, obesity, and depression. In addition, depending on your risk factors and personal and family health history, you may need additional screening measures for cholesterol levels and diabetes. Age is also a risk factor for many diseases. Naturally, as we age, the amount of recommended screenings and frequency of visits increases to once per year after age 49 in otherwise healthy adults. Some additional screenings are necessary as we age, including but not limited to: fall risk screening, osteoporosis screen, abdominal aortic aneurysm screening, and hepatitis C screening.

In addition to some of the previously mentioned screenings, cancer screenings are also an important aspect of wellness and prevention. The recommended cancer screenings include screening for cervical cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer. Exactly when and how often you should have these screenings done depends on your health history and risk factors. Be sure to visit your primary care physician about your personal health history. Your doctor will answer any questions you have and ensure you are up to date with all your screenings. 

Will I Need Vaccinations At My Doctor’s Appointment?

Vaccinations are another important aspect of wellness and prevention. We receive most of your recommended vaccinations as children. However,  we recommend annual influenza vaccines in addition to a periodic tetanus vaccination and vaccines for pneumonia and shingles, based on age and risk factors. Visit with your physician about when you are due for these as well.


Routine visitors to your Omaha doctor to check health and wellness are important to be as healthy as possible. At our primary care clinic in Omaha, NE, Dr. Maman Lawan Ali provides individualized, attentive wellness checkups for you in every stage of your life. Call (402) 905-2075 or visit this page here to schedule an appointment today!

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